John O'callaghan trying to make out with a mascot or something like that.


"Best Public Speaker" & "Outstanding Vocabulary" goes to John O’Callaghan of The Maine.

Notice that John not only said All Time Low, but he also said “featuring Vic Fuentes”. He didn’t leave anyone out.

So much respect for this man & The Maine.


Is it bad that I thought the best part of the APMA’s was a grown man talking about his supreme diarrhea?


Remember when you first saw The Maine and it was

The Hot Tall One, The Ginger One, The One Who Looks Like A Girl, and The Two Whose Name You Always Mixed Up

And now it’s like oh that shoulder definitely belongs to John


A story and it’s thrilling sequel by John O’Callaghan and Eric Halvorsen


John O'Callaghan + APMAs


APMAs host Mark Hoppus brings up John O’Callaghan and Mike Hranica to present the award for Song Of The Year to All Time Low’s “A Love Like War” featuring Vic Fuentes.